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I've been documenting weddings consistently for the last two years. My very first wedding was a 200-person ceremony in which I was thrust into performing the duties of a wedding planner as well as a photographer. The joy I felt that day, not only from seeing two lives become forever intertwined through their love for one another but also the genuine appreciation expressed by both families at the work I was doing, solidified my desire to capture these significant points in time. I become part of people's lives in one of their most important and memorable moments. I get to know them one-on-one in a state of vulnerability that most won't witness. We share about our lives. I know how they met. What their dreams are. Where they hope to travel and live. Those are natural conversations when you're trusted to capture what will be a lifetime of memories. I am part of their ceremony, and the openness created through that is magical. We have rates for standard wedding packages and elopements. No ceremony is too big or small; they're all important celebrations that should be treated with utmost care.

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