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I'm Ricardo

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Creativity has played an important and formative role throughout my life. Whether drawing in sketchbooks or writing stories and songs, I’ve always been passionate about exploring as many artistic outlets as possible.


At the age of 20, with no experience or formal education, I started working for a small print and design house in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I dived headfirst into the work and found that I loved the tactile nature of print. After working as a pre-press technician for the first eight years of my career, I shifted my focus to becoming a better designer. Through that desire to grow, I found my love for photography. In 2021, after years of freelancing as a side hustle, I left my full-time position as a Senior Production Artist at an Asheville-based print and design firm and officially launched Show And Tale Creative.


Show And Tale Creative is a creative agency focused on providing top-level service and giving our clients the quality work they deserve. My expertise and knowledge as a seasoned graphic designer, photographer, and printer allow me to do that under one roof.

I live for the outdoors. When I’m not working, I’m most likely on a trail, practicing landscape photography and enjoying nature.


• I’m a massive fan of cinema, and it’s inspired a lot of my work. I love the horror genre, and my favorites are the original Candyman, Alien, The Thing, the original Halloween, and Hereditary.


• I absolutely love hip-hop. It was practically my third parent. But I listen to a ton of other music, including a lot of jazz (Donald Byrd, anyone?), electronic, drum and bass, techno, and movie scores.


• I love potatoes. I will devour potatoes. TAKE ME TO YOUR POTATOES!


• Bears are my favorite animals, and I hope to befriend one.


• I believe in treating others how I would like to be treated.

About me

Once we receive the initial information for your job, we’ll look everything over and make sure that, first and foremost, we’re the right fit for you and, secondly, that our current schedule allows us to complete your job properly and thoroughly.


After it’s determined that we can fulfill the requirements of your job, we’ll schedule a video call through Google Meet to dig into the finer details of what you do, what our work together should accomplish for you, your timeline, budget for the job, and other pertinent information.


From there, we’ll get you a contract containing all the details of the job, the cost, the turnaround time, and the deliverables you’ll receive. A deposit is required to hold your date on our calendar for photography services and before we begin any design services. All print jobs must be paid in full before going to press. 

Our Process

Some of our Clients

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Published in

October 2022 Vol. 57 No. 8 Page 75/NC4

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